We Have a Special Place for You …

Pastor & Mrs. Gilley

Pastor & Mrs. Gilley

Dear Friend,

You are one among many people! That is encouraging and it is also frightening. There are times when we wonder if we are ever noticed or if anyone would even care if we lived or died.

It isn’t that way at our church. We care! We pray! We take time for individuals! To God, you are special; therefore, you become special to us as a church.

There are people here just waiting to be your friend. No, we don’t force ourselves on people; but we like to be friendly, we like to take time with people, and we like to share our lives with others.

We have a small group where you will feel comfortable, we have a prayer meeting where you will see God work, we have a Bible study where you will learn God’s ways, and we have a pew where you will feel right at home.

Why not visit with us and experience the difference.

Esta G. Gilley