Genesis 21:17b

What aileth thee, Hagar? fear not; for God hath heard the voice of the lad where he is.

This seems a little strange when you first read it, but if you continue in the text you will discover something interesting. God was says, “What’s bothering you?” Good question isn’t it? A lot of things bother us. But, should they? There are some out of the ordinary things that happen to us at times, but nothing that should really bother us.

Why are we bothered? Read on (v.19). We get bothered and it brings fear to our hearts because we aren’t really looking with spiritual eyes. Notice: God opened her eyes. Evidently she wasn’t focusing on the right things. She was letting her circumstances get the best of her. That doesn’t have to happen. Focus on God! Let Him open your eyes and guess what you will find?

  • She saw … she found what she was looking for.
  • She went … she came to the place where her need would be supplied.
  • And filled … nothing can fill your greatest needs like God can. He provides more than we ever thought possible.
  • And gave … she now had what others needed and was able to help them.

You see, everything that you need is found in God! There is no need to fear, because God is there. He sees what we can’t see. But, our eyes can be opened to see and experience all that God has for us. Let him open your eyes … look by faith … and you will have all that you need to meet the need.

Hope that is a little helpful for you. Just a few simple thoughts about a wonderful God that can supply what you need … Let Him open your eyes to the possibilities … they are as endless as our God.