Judges 6:23

And the Lord said unto him, Peace be unto thee; fear not: thou shalt not die.

It took Gideon a while to figure out who was talking to him. When he first meets the Angel of the Lord (v.11) he had no idea who he was talking too. Notice the text. Each time Gideon speaks he uses the term Lord, but when God is speaking to him it is the term LORD. It isn’t until verse 22 that Gideon realizes who he has been talking too. Then he responds: I have seen and angel of the LORD face to face.

We are so much like him. Always complaining and so eager to make statements of the Lord’s seeming lack of concern for our lives (v.13) Then when the Lord is preparing a miracle right before our eyes we don’t see what He is doing or we make excuses (v.14-16). We have to always have some extra something before we will believe that the Lord really does want to use us (v.17-21).

The Lord is working all around you. Listen for His voice … watch for His leading … it is there. Don’t be surprised when He responds to the concerns of your heart. He has been talking to you all alone. If you let yourself get wrapped up in the cares of this life (v.11-13) and excuses you could miss His leading. God can use the least of us if we will only listen.