Numbers 14:9

… the Lord is with us: fear them not

How do you know the Lord is with you? Because He said He was! I’m reminded of this from a movie that I recently saw where a man was locked in prison. He asked his captor to remember that God would see what he was doing. The captor, as he prepared to beat the man with a whip said, “Well, you pray and ask God to stop me and when he arrives I will stop.” He made such a mockery of the man’s faith. This went on for years. On the wall of his prison he had carved “God will give me justice.”

It was a number of years later that a priest who had also been imprisoned tunnels into this man’s cell in an attempt to escape. Together they worked for several years to get out of the prison. Eventually, the priest died and the man was able to escape in his coffin. Strange story I’m sure, but here’s the meaning: behind it all … through it all … during it all … there is no need for us to fear anyone, because the Lord is with us.

You will notice from the text that these people did what a lot of folks do … they had all the time in the world to complain about their lot in life, but never time to pray (v.1-4). On the other hand, the first thing Moses did when he heard of the complaint of the people was pray (v.5).

So, what shall we be like? Shall we be like the complainers or shall we be like a Moses? Will we always find the downside in what happens in our lives or will we take it to the Lord in prayer? The choice we make will make all the different in the world.