Prayer List

Prayer God’s “911” Jeremiah 33:3 “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”

We are a praying Church and believe in the power of prayer. We don’t want any need to get lost in a long list. We place needs on the prayer list on week 1 when they are first added and move them each week for one month. At the end of week 4 if the need for prayer is still there we rotate them back to week 1. We continue to pray for each need daily regardless of what week they are on. We also pray for missionaries, nursing care residents, our nation and military, our church needs and those grieving.

Philippians 4:6 “Be careful for nothing: but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.”

Week 1
Debbie Andrews (cancer)
Sawyer Bates 3 yr old physical
Sheryl Cottingham (phys need)
Ray Drouin (cancer patient)
James Dupre (pers needs) and
Kristina Gilley Dupre(phys need)
Pastor Gilley
Johnnie Gilley (physical need)
David Gilley & family spiritual
Helen Gilley (physical need)
Ken Hodge (pers needs)
Winn Hodge (spirit & pers)
Joshua Hodge (spirit & pers)
Daisy Hollifield (cancer)
Harold Langdale (brain cancer)
Diane & Raymond Main (phys & spirit)
Luke Miles (phys & spirit)
Phillip Morris (phys needs)
Stanley Meyers (pers needs)
Kaitlyn Powers (physical needs)
Madelyn Grace Powers (phys)
Carol Sanderson (phys need)
Smith Family (phys & spirit)
Brantley Turner, 6 week old
Michael & Bambi Turner

Week 2
Mary Jane Barnett (phys need)
George Barnett Sr. (phys&spirit)
George Barnett Jr. (pers needs)
Gerard Barnett (phys & spirit)
Kimberly Blay (spiritual need)
Alisha Coates (cancer patient)
Alan Coates & family (pers)
Georgie Goodyear (physical)
Renee Hammitt (physical)
Carter Jones (cancer patient)
Ed Keels (physical needs)
Pearl Kelley (phys needs)
Chip Moore (pers needs)
Shirley Morris (phys needs)
Rita Osborne & family (pers)
Mary Cath. Rawlinson (phys)
Levi Richburg (cancer patient)
Sarah Richburg (phys need)
Kimberly Sowell (pers & phys)
Terry J Sowell (physical needs)
Trey Sowell (pers needs)
Elaine Stevens (phys needs)
Jessica Stewart Gavia (personal)
April & Ariel Todd (spiritual)
Angela & Roy Todd (phys & spirit)
Lisa Williams (physical needs)
Ray & Ellen Zuber (pers needs)

Week 3
Frances Allen (physical needs)
Olivia, Logan & Landon Ashcraft
Michael Bergin (cancer patient)
Lynn Bergin & Family
Mattie Boyce (physical needs)
J B & Kay Brown (spirit & phys)
Paula Bryant (physical need)
Vi Baucom (spirit & pers need)
Billy & Chad Berry (spiritual)
Nancy Carter (physical need)
John Carter Sr. (phys need)
Ray Cox (spirit & phys needs)
Ruby Cox (phys & spirit needs)
Sam Cox (cancer patient)
Ellie Goodyear(spirit & phys)
Nelson Hendrick (phys needs)
Linda Jordan (phys & spirit)
Nathan Markle (pers needs)
Mendy McLaughlin (phys need)
Howard Pugh (physical need)
Rick Rickenbacker (cancer)
Jalin & Dana Robertson & family
Justin Shorter (cancer patient)
Drew Stewart & Family (cancer)
Craig Turner (physical & spirit)
Carrie Turner (spiritual)
Carl Turner (spiritual)
Ian Turner (physical needs)
Reagan Winans (child cancer)

Week 4
Barry & Brenda Carter (phys & spiritual)
Angelica Cave (physical needs)
Bobby Cottingham (physical)
Mary Dale (heart surgery)
Bob Gaff (cancer patient)
Terry & Adriane Gaff (pers.)
Ryan Gaff (pers needs)
C. Jon Gibson (phys & pers)
Barbara Hartfield (physical)
Clinton Hensley (back surgery)
Pam Hyatt (spiritual needs)
Ramona & Bill Johnson (phys)
Mr. Carroll McKenny (pers)
Sharon Miles (pers needs)
Mike & Monnie Pope (phys)
Dale Powell (physical need)
A. J. Sherbert (pers needs)
Walker Sowell (physical need)
Gary Wallace (spiritual needs)
Brooke Watkins (cancer)
Sharon Yomtob (phys & pers)
Rick Yomtob (phys needs)

Rob Stover Family
Anna Lang Holmes Family
Ralph Jackson Family

Clarendon Christian Learning
Charles and Brenda Arnold
Nathan & Renee Owens
Radio Bible Class
Infants Ministry
Steve Dinkins Family in Kenya
Missionaries in Harm’s Way
Biker Ministry

Jackie Blanchard
Louise Cox
Blanche Duke
Georgie Goodyear
Diane Stewart
Donna Sullivan
Windsor Manor Care Facility

The Economy
President Donald J Trump
House of Representatives
VA Benefits
World Leaders
Josh Blackburn, USAF
Ken Cave, Contractor
Darren Cox, US Army
Darrald Cox, USN
Shaun Doll, USAF
Michael Dunkley, USMC
Dolan Ford, US Navy
Tristan Gavia, USAF
Matt Hayes, USAF
Quinn Hipp, US Army
Lee Hopkins, USMC
Les Hoyt, US Army
George Plath, US Army
Daniel Robinson, USAF
Kelly Sands, US Army
Joel Scialabba, US Army
Austin Sissel, USAF
Bryan Smith, US Army
Mike Venalro, US Military
Elizabeth Wallace, USAF

Pray for a burden for the Lost
Pray for the Lost & for Laborers
Pray for “Just One More”
Young People for our Church
Church Finances
Peace of Jerusalem