The Love of God, Part 2

1. In the first place, God’s love is limitless in its scope. Our love is a very limited love. We love but a few people and we do not love them all the same. But God loves every person on the face of the earth who ever lived or ever will live; and, He loves each one with all of His love. Our love tends to be reciprocal, we love those who love us back. But God’s love reaches even those who have no love for Him. No matter what you have done or how greatly you may have sinned, there is one who loves you with an everlasting undying love. And that one is God. God loves you not because of what you are, but in spite of what you are. Even greater, He loves you for what you may become when you respond to His love. God has a plan for your life, but one which can be realized and achieved only as you place yourself in His hands.

[To be continued]