The Love of God, Part 6

Conclusion. God’s love is unparalleled and incomprehensible. It is so majestic, so marvelous, so limitless, I scarce can take it in. When I think of Jesus dying for me, it stirs my soul and touches my heart. What is your response to the love of God? You may deny it, refuse it, trample it under your feet, neglect it, or you may accept it. To accept God’s love is to accept the Lord Jesus as your own personal Savior and follow Him as Lord and Master.

God loves.
God loves the world.
God loves enough to give.
God loves enough to give his Son.
If we believe, we will have life.
Come, let us believe and receive.

A minister who had recently lost his wife took his seven-year-old daughter with him to Europe. They were crossing the ocean on a ship, and one of the passengers learned that he was a minister. The captain came to him and asked if he would conduct the Sunday services. “I do not know what denomination you are,” the captain said, “but I wish you would speak on the love of God.”

This was a difficult topic for the minister, who was still deep in grief over the loss of his wife. But because he had survived this test of faith, he was able to stand before the people and talk about the immeasurable love of Christ.

After lunch he and his daughter were standing on deck, leaning on the railing. The little girl said, “Daddy, you said that God loves us. How much does he love us?”

“More than anybody,” said the father.

“Daddy, does God love us as much as Mommy loved us?”

The father answered yes, then looked out over the ocean. He said, “Look. Look in that direction. God’s love extends farther than that.” Pointing in the opposite direction over endless miles of ocean, he said, “Look the other way. God’s love is greater than that.” Pointing at the sky he said, “God’s love is taller than that,” and down at the ocean, “God’s love is deeper than that.” Biting her lip to hold back the tears, the little girl said, “Daddy, isn’t it wonderful that we are standing out her in the middle of it?”