Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, Doth Job fear God for naught? (Job1:9)

Behind all the trouble we face in life is our old enemy – Satan. He never tires of accusing us before God. Satan is called the Adversary or Accuser because he actively looks for people to attack with temptation (1 Pet.5:8-9). He does this because he hates God and he accomplishes his designs through the use of lies and deception (Gen.3:1-6; Jn.8:44).

The one that will become the greatest target for Satan is the Christian who is trying to live for the Lord. Any person who is committed to God should expect Satan’s attacks. If you want to live a mediocre life then be a mediocre Christian. Satan has no reason to attack a Christian that is living in rebellion. A defeated Christian is of no use to God – and as a result – no threat to Satan.